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A few kilometers of Galatas is the wetland of Psifta. This is an important area, which belongs to the Natura 2000 network. This is a large costal wetland where bird watching can be rewarding. Rare bird species stop for a few days in Psifta while on their way to Africa. In 15 to 20 minutes by car from Galatas there is the gorge of Diavologefiro (Devil Bridge), which has wonderful scenic views, and is an ideal place to have a picnic in a forested area, next to a waterfall and mountain stream. Normally very quiet.

Take a Walk Up a Volcano : Methana is a volcanic peninsula that lies North-West of Galatas. It is connected to the Peloponnese by a very narrow isthmus. 9 kms West from tha town of Methana , lies the dormant volcano. The volcano last erupted in 283 BC. Earthquakes and volcanic activity resulted in the destruction of Ancient Trizina. It takes approximately 45 minutes to walk to the summit along a narrow winding path, with trees offering shade during the hot summer months. You will notice the terraces that were carved from the mountain to allow farming on the rich soil. The view from the summit is outstanding. Athens may be seen in the distance

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