Let's go Cultural Tourism

Many of the houses of Poros are samples of Neoclassical Architecture. One can distinguish the Deimezi building made of grey and red stone and Grivas' shop with its wide doors and the very beautiful interior decoration. Villa Galini is among the most beautiful houses of Poros, it has hosted many famous personalities of the Arts and Literature amongst them being (Henry Miller 1938 and Gtetta Garbo).

At Korizi Square there is the Archeological Museum of Poros, which is open to public daily except for Mondays, from 9.00 am to 3.00 pm. Findings from the excavations of the Temple of Poseidon, Ancient Trizina, Magoula, Apathia, Modi and Saint Constantine from Methana are displayed here. One can also see the magnificent wall paintings of Parthenis at the Saint George Cathedral and visit the Public Library.

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