Let's Go Cycling

  • Galatas – Lemonodasos (Lemon tree-forest) (3Km.)
  • Galatas – Poros Island - Neorio (3 Km). from there continue to Love Bay and on to Russian Naval Base and bay
  • Galatas - Magoula (5 Km). Here is the Ancient Royal cemetery of "Magoula" (From the Middle Helenic Establishment era)
  • Galatas - Diavologefiro 10km from Galats you will find Devil Bridge, a unique rock formation where the coolness of the river bed refreshes the cyclist. Near here the Illikos River Springs are located in a green valley of Plane trees where Theseus founded the Nymphia Aphrodite sacred place.
  • Galatas – Trizinia 10 km. At the end of your journey lies the beautiful Village of "Trizina" and the ruins from Ancient Trizina. This reminds us that the historic city-state of Trizina was an important kingdom in Greece. Trizinia contributed forces to assist in the fall of Troy, the defeat of the Persians and provided resistance to the conquest of Greece by Philip of Macedon (father of Alexander the Great). Despite disease, destruction by Goths, earthquakes, wars and economic decline, Trizina can claim to be one of the oldest towns in Greece.
  • Galatas – Poros Island - The temple of Posidon - Vagionia - Vrysoula – Poros. In other words the complete tour of the Poros Island.

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